Friday, November 12, 2010

Guilt Group FREE $20 Credit!!!

Guilt Group is another site like Rue La La that is offering up a FREE $20 credit when you sign up through this link!

Right now there is a lot of stuff you can score for FREE using your credit! Plus send an email invite to 10 friends and get a FREE Shipping credit to stretch that $20 even farther! (without this shipping is $7.95)

Heres an idea of how to spend that credit, but theres really a ton of stuff to choose from (lots more than Rue La La in my opinion!)
Lots of Random House Books $10-$13 plus $7.95 shipping = Free with $20 credit (unless you email invite 10 friends then get 2 books and FREE Shipping like I did!)

1 comment:

  1. I still have a credit at this site and I missed a REALLY good deal on Melissa and Doug stuff! :( I forgot to check everyday and now most of it is sold out! I need to get in the habit of checking every day!