Thursday, April 28, 2011

Safeway: $1 off $5 Produce Coupon!

I had to run into Safeway tonight for Milk and Bananas but I ended up grabbing a few other items in produce because I am quite happy to report that I finally found the $1 off $5 produce coupons!

I was visiting another Safeway than than my usual stop and they were right out front near the shopping carts, you couldn't miss them! Does anyone else's Safeway make their coupon books ridiculously hard to locate???

Here's My Weekly Trip:
Milk $2.79
Mangos x2 $1
Bananas $2.36
Mini Carrots $1

Used $1 off $5 Safeway Produce Coupon (Doesn't expire until 8/2011!)

Paid $6.35 (Saved 41% on Milk and Produce!!!)

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