Thursday, March 10, 2011

Costco Prices Vs. Trader Joes

My husband and I love shopping at Costco, who doesn't right. About a year ago I took a hard look at what our family was buying and I discovered that we could get many items significantly cheaper elsewhere using coupons. Since doing this the amount of money we spend at Costco has drastically decreased. We shoot for just a monthly trip there instead of a weekly one. Shopping thrifty doesn't mean you shop certain stores it means you shop smarter.

Now theres been lots of talk about the increase of food prices so I'm once again going to reevaluate what we're currently buying at Costco. I've compiled a list of the items we purchase most frequently (excluding gifts) and their current prices that I verified this week. I'll be comparing these prices against Trader Joe's because I've considered making a weekly trip there and I'm curious about their prices. I'll post my findings next week!

1. Organic Spinach $3.99/1 lb.

2. Organic Granny Smith Apples $6.79/5.5lbs
3. Canned Chicken $9.99/75oz

4. Fruit Leather $10.65/48 pieces (This is my hubby's favorite snack and brown bag treat)

5. Ground Turkey 4-Pack $2.29/lb

6. Organic Diced Tomatos $7.69/7lbs 4oz

7. Organic Frozen Peas $5.29/5 lbs
8. Organic Frozen Green Beans $5.45/5 lbs

9. Kirkland Dried Cherries $6.69/20oz

10. Organic Kirkland Animal Crackers $7.99/64oz

11. Organic Apple Sauce $8.99/11lbs 8oz

12. Organic Wild Rice $7.39/3.2 lbs

13. Organic Kirkland Strawberry Jam 6.49/42oz

14. Kirkland Saigon Cinnamon $2.65/10.7oz

15. Hanna Anderson Organic Cotton Sleepers $11.99! (cheapest I have found organic sleepwear)

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