Thursday, March 17, 2011

Costco Prices Vs. Trader Joe's Results

Last week I shared a list of items our family buys most often from Costco. I decided to do a comparison against Trader Joe's to determine if we're still getting a good deal and because I was curious about their prices, I've considered making a weekly trip there. In the list below, the first price is Trader Joe's, the second is Costco's, (price per ounce is in parenthesis after each item) and the cheaper price is highlighted in Teal. I've made notes if there's a difference in Organic or not. 

1. Organic Spinach: $1.99/6oz (0.33/oz), $3.99/16oz (0.25/oz)

2. Organic Granny Smith Apples: $0.69 each, $6.79/5.5lbs

3. Canned Chicken: $2.99/12oz (0.25/oz), $9.99/75oz (0.13/oz)

4. Fruit Leather: $10.65/48 pieces (couldn't find this at Trader Joe's)

5. Ground Turkey: $2.99/lb cage free, $2.29/lb

6. Organic Diced Tomatos: $1.99/28oz (0.07/oz) or $1.49/14.5 (0.10/oz), $7.69/7lbs 4oz (0.06/oz)

7. Organic Frozen Peas: $1.99/16 oz (0.12/oz), $5.29/5 lbs(0.07/oz)

8. Organic Frozen Green Beans: $1.79/16 oz (0.11/oz), $5.45/5 lbs (0.07/oz)

9. Kirkland Dried Cherries: $3.69/8oz (0.46/oz), $6.69/20oz (0.33/oz)

10. Organic Kirkland Animal Crackers: $3.29/16 oz (0.21/oz) non organic, $7.99/64oz (0.12/oz)

11. Organic Apple Sauce: $2.29/24oz (0.10/oz), $8.99/11lbs 8oz (0.05/oz)

12. Organic Wild Rice: $1.99/16oz (0.13/oz) non organic, $7.39/3.2 lbs (0.14/oz)

13. Organic Kirkland Strawberry Jam $3.49/15.2oz (0.22/oz), $6.49/42oz (0.15/oz)

14. Kirkland Saigon Cinnamon $1.99/(forgot the weight but it wasn't much), 2.65/10.7oz

This was not on my original shopping list but I had figures from both stores
15. Trader Joe's Green Smoothies $3.99/32oz (0.12/oz), Costco's Odwalla Superfood $5.75 64/oz (0.09/oz)

The Verdict: Costco's prices are definitely cheaper when comparing the items on my shopping list above. By the time I got half way down the list I was kind of rooting for Trader Joe's to come out on top somewhere. The only item from the list that was cheaper at Trader Joe's was the wild rice but they did not carry it in Organic.

So of coarse now I'm curious how these prices will stand up against another store I don't make a weekly trip to, Walmart. Stay tuned for a price comparison against Walmart, I'm not sure what their Organic selection will be like but I'm curious. 

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