Monday, March 7, 2011

Thrifty Nursery Art Part 2

Art doesn't have to cost a lot especially in a child's room. In Brooklynn's room I wanted to put together a collage of frames but I didn't have any spares laying around. I decided to invest in a couple of nice ones from Target. If you already have miscellaneous frames around, even if they're different colors, just grab a can of spray paint that matches your decor to create a nice cohesive grouping.
The smaller 5 x 7 and 4 x 6 frames cost from $1-$2 each. The large matted 5 x 7 frames cost me $12 a piece.  Since I spent $30 on frames I knew I didn't want to spend a lot on the art, heres how I put together my thrifty art:

1. Greeting cards. I found a couple of cards I liked from Jack Cards for $3.95 a piece. Every room needs some nice bold text of a favorite quote, song or poem. I've started an accordion file to keep all the cards given to our family not only for memorabilia sake but just in case I ever want to frame one.
2. Scrapbook paper. There is so much fun and interesting scrapbook paper out there. Take a walk through a scrapbook store these days and its almost overwhelming. I found a series of double sided paper I liked for just $0.25 a sheet with some interesting patterns at Craft Warehouse. Cut them to the size of your frames for instant art. An added bonus of the double sided paper is when you need something new to look at just flip the paper. 
3. Etsy. Browse Etsy for inexpensive drawings or watercolors. The bird picture in the grouping cost me just $6 and its an original watercolor. One of my favorite Etsy stores is Happy Signs Printable's. Each image in this shop is just $3, since you are buying an image you will need to print either from home or I prefer to upload and print the image somewhere like Costco for nicer quality.
4. Thrift Shops. If your a regular thrift store shopper keep your eyes out for interesting frames or pictures that you love. I found a cross-stitched heart I thought would be adorable in a little girls room for only $4.99. The key for me to thrift store shopping is make sure you love it. If your unsure about something just pass. In a few days if your still thinking about it go back to see if its still there and take another look.
5. DIY. There are all sorts of things that can be framed as art, be creative. For a children's room find some vintage alphabet flash cards and frame the letters in your child's name. Or check out this modern do it yourself Alphabet Art project from Design Mom:
If you missed Part 1 just head here to see whats hanging over my daughters crib!

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