Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Easter Fun: Putting together an Easter Basket for Less!

Another Easter tradition I'll be starting this year for Brooklynn is an Easter Bastet. After browsing the Easter section at Target I realized how easy it would be to overspend on this tradition, the cheapest Easter Basket I found was $7!

There's no reason to break the bank for holidays to be memorable so I challenged myself to spend less than the cheapest Easter Basket I found, $7. And to be honest it wasn't much of a challenge, next year I'll shoot for $5 since I now have a basket, plus I hope to grab a few things for next year from Easter clearance sales.

Here are some ways to stay within your budget:

Reuse the Basket: Kids won't care their goodies are in the same basket each year if they notice at all. Or just use a basket you already have and dress it up with some ribbon.

Skip the Grass: Easter grass might be pretty but our little helper hands found some in a box and strung it all over the house, it took weeks to collect it all, way more mess than its worth.

Shop the $1 Spots: Many stores other than Dollar Tree have $1 sections including Michaels, Joanne's, and Target. Fred Meyer has a $2 toy section as well. I usually have the most luck at Michaels, the location near me has $1 stuff at the front of the store along with an entire isle.

Make your own treats: Make a batch of Rice Crispy Treats, Easter Colored Sugar Cookies or any of these amazing do it yourself treats by Love from the Oven! (one of my new favorite sites!)

Shop Drugstores: Use +Up and Register Rewards to buy candy fillers or other holiday items in your weekly transactions

Shop ahead: Shop 75% after Easter clearance sales and snag a few things for next year. I keep a holiday tub of things I've grabbed for the following year, everything purchased was 75%-90% off.
Brooklynn's under $7 Basket:
Small Lined Basket (Target $1 Spot $2.50)
Bubbles $0.23 (Target Clearance)
Peeps ($0.69 Fred Meyer)
Animal Homes Board Book (Barnes & Noble $3.29, 40% sale)
Pastel Striped Sock Monkey (Rite Aid, Paid with +UP Rewards)
(And if I find time I'll throw in some homemade Rice Krispie Treats with Sprinkles)

Total Out of Pocket $6.71

Side note I'm not a fan of the lighting in that picture, new picture coming soon!

If you missed it, here is the first Easter Fun Post, Easter Egg Fillers for Toddlers.

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