Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Organization: Bye Bye Baby Box

My little toddler is now at a stage where we don't always need (or want) to lug around a diaper bag.  But I'm finding as we're out and about we still need a few things that just don't fit in my purse. Yesterday I put together this Bye Bye Baby Tub to keep in the car filled with all the little things we just might need on the road. The list below is what I included, yours might look different depending on the age of kids you have. I've also started rotating a few toys and books that are just for the car to keep her entertained. What are your strategies for happy car rides?

Special Car Toys
Special Car Books
Snacks (for mom too!)
Water Bottle
Extra Sweatshirt
Extra Set of Clothes

Before summer I'll add some sunscreen, sunglasses and a pair of babylegs. She was very excited about this new box by the way :)

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