Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Safeway: Catalina Coupons = FREE Items!

You know those coupons your cashier hands you after you shop at the grocery store, sometimes they are just advertisements but my hubby got lucky last week and was handed a few for some FREE products. We have no idea what triggered them as he was only shopping for a couple of last minute items for dinner.

Free Scotts Flushable Wipes
Free Poise Liners
Free Refreshe 2 Liter (received 2 of these)

Also keep your eye out for a catalina coupon for FREE Breathe Right Strips, I found 3 of them in the coupon exchange at Fred Meyer yesterday! If anyone shops at Freddys and uses Breathe Right strips leave me a message with your email and I will mail them to you.


  1. I have been receiving a lot of those Catalinas lately! My fav was for a FREE package of Flips. Can't go wrong with free chocolate products :)

  2. My husband uses Breathe Right Strips and we have been buying them. Would love some free ones at Freddy where we shop every week.
    My email is joeyf79@gmail.com. Thanks,