Friday, February 25, 2011

Long overdue but we did it!

We finally did something thats going to save us $90 a month! We got rid of our cable! Ever since we had Brooklynn our time spent tv watching went way down, so why did it take us so long finally cancel? Two words, Blazer Games (and a pesky one year contract we were in through last December). Now that my parents aren't living two doors down we now have a legitimate excuse to make the 15 minute drive to their house and view the games on their new bonus room tv.

We haven't gone completely media free though, we do still have Netflix. They have tons of movies and tv that can be watched instantly plus we're trying out Hulu Plus free for a week to see how we like it. So far I'm impressed with the selection of television, it will be a much cheaper way for us to keep up with some of the shows we enjoy for the crazy low price of $7.99 a month. I'd encourage everyone to give Hulu Plus a try and see if you could do away with your own cable to lower your own monthly expenses. Plus theres always the Library :)

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