Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sunday Coupon Preview 4/17 Update!

I just picked up my Sunday papers and there are actually 4 inserts, 2 Smart Source & 2 Red Plum plus 3 Albertson's doublers! Its a great week to grab multiple papers. I will have some Albertson's doubler ideas up later tonight, there are quite a few great deals to be had this week.

The Sunday paper is a great resource for coupons, there are a lot of coupons in them you won't ever see as online printable's. Buying multiple papers during weeks where there are several products your family uses is a great strategy to potentially save a lot of money.

Last week I purchased two Sunday papers, one was missing half of the Smart Source Insert and in the other it was completely gone. Now I might have just assumed that the Oregonian made a mistake and an insert was left out of the one paper except it was very obvious that somebody had ripped out the section they wanted from the other paper I had. Taking coupon inserts out of papers without paying for them is stealing. Not only am I unable to purchase products from those inserts that my family needed but I'm actually quite disappointed that somebody even did this.

Could I have returned and exchanged the papers? I'm really not sure, I've never encounter this problem before but I'm going to call the Oregonian on Monday and find out what to do if this happens in the future, I'll have a post up next week with the details.

Has anyone else had this happen? Did you notify your store or try to exchange the paper? Please leave a comment, I'm curious how often this happens and how different stores handle it.

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