Sunday, April 17, 2011

4/17 Albertson's Shopping Trip

I don't always make a trip to Albertson's when they have doublers but it was definitely worth my time this week, we were completely out of yogurt, green chilis, and instant oats. My hubby came along on this trip, we each did 2 transactions at the register. (Our store allows 3 per person per visit but I didn't have that many doublers to use.) Oh and the crackerfuls are missing from the above picture.

Transaction 1
Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice $2.50 x2
Dozen Eggs (Free with in-ad coupon)
Classico Pasta Sauce $2 x1

Used 2 $1/1 Tropicana Pure Premium coupons from 3/6 Red Plum Insert
Used 1 $1/1 Classico Pasta Sauce Peelie Coupon from Product
Used 3 Doublers
Paid $1.00!!! (This was my favorite deal!)

Transaction 2
Cap'N Crunch $1.50 ea x4
Used 4 $0.50 Cap'N Crunch Coupons from 4/17 Red Plum Insert
Used 3 Doublers
Paid $2.50

Transaction 3
Tillamook Yogurt $0.33 each x4
Yobaby Organic Yogurt $2.69 x1
Ortega Green Chilis $1.49 each x4

Used 1 $1/1 Yobaby Coupon here
Used 2 $1/2 Ortega printable coupons
Used 3 Doublers
Paid $3.98

Transaction 4
Quaker Quick Oats $2.99 x2
Nabisco Crackerfuls $2.49 x2
Idahoan Flavored Mashed Potatoes $0.99 x6

Used 2 $1/1 Quaker coupons from 1/2 Red Plum Insert
Used 2 $1/1 Crackerfuls coupons from 4/17 Smart Source
Used 2 $0.75/3 Idahoan coupons (must sign up)
Uses 3 Doublers
Paid $8.65 (This price was high and I knew something was up but we were in a hurry to get home)

Now in transaction 4 I thought I was purchasing 10 participating products to save another $5 instantly making my total $3.65. When I got home I realized my mistake, there were differently priced Idahoan potatoes, some at $0.79 and some at $0.99. The $0.79 were the participating item and we grabbed the $0.99. ones. This is a perfect example of why its so important to pay close attention to item sizes and their prices. 

I'm still happy that I was able to restock a couple pantry items and save quite a bit but I'm kicking myself for not paying closer attention. My savings was 75%, gotta be happy with that!

Total Paid $16.13 (would have been $11.13 if I had grabbed the right items)

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