Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Amazon: Xbox Live 12 Month Subscription $20 off!

Right now you can extend your Xbox live account for just $39.99 on Amazon! My hubby says this is a good price so I'll be getting this for him while its available.

Here are the instructions to renew:

Extend your existing Xbox LIVE Gold Membership:
a. Sign in to Xbox LIVE from My Xbox in the dashboard.
b. Choose Manage Account, select Memberships, and select your membership plan.
c. Choose Redeem Code and enjoy!

And for new members:

Become a new Xbox LIVE Gold Member:
a. Connect your Xbox 360 to a broadband internet connection.
b. In the dashboard, select My Xbox, Sign-on, Create Profile and then follow the instructions to create your account.
c. Now select your new profile in My Xbox, select Join Xbox LIVE.
d. Follow the easy on-screen instructions, redeem your code and enjoy!

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