Thursday, January 13, 2011

Target: 75% Toy Clearance Finds

I stopped in Target early this morning to try and snag a few toys to have on hand for birthday presents but I ended up finding some play food for Brooklynn and a Little Mommy Doll set for her next birthday which I wasn't expecting as well. I arrived at 8:20 and the majority of the clearance toys were piled high in about 6 different women's carts. Clearly you must arrive right at opening to take advantage of this sale. There were lots of Legos left but they were only marked down to 50% off. If I could find the toys on Amazon I linked them so you can see why this twice a year sale is worth waiting for.

FisherPrice Little Mommy Play all Day Pony $4.98 from $19.99
Leap Frog Fix & Learn Speedy $6.24 from $24.99
Playskool Squishy Critter Lion $3.74 from $14.99
Play Wonder Wooden Cookie Set $2.49 from $9.99
Play Wonder Wooden Dry Good Set $2.49 from $9.99 (This has Organic Peas, Love it!)
Stickers for the Tub $3.14 from $12.59
My Little Pony Pinkie Pie $1.21 from $4.84
Playskool Adventure Heros Policemen $2.48 from $9.99
Little Mommy Talk & Play Toddler Set $12.49 from $49.99

Total Spent: $39.26 Total Saved: $117.80!

What were you guys able to find? Hope everyone got some great deal! :)

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  1. Great finds! Those Play Wonder food items are the cutest things ever. Thanks for sharing!