Monday, January 24, 2011

Safeway Shopping Trip 1/23

Woohoo, several things I was already going to buy on my shopping list were marked 50% off today at Safeway! The Organic whole milk, cayanne pepper, and yogurt I was going to purchase without coupons so finding them discounted this much was very exciting! Did I go over budget? Yup, $16 over budget which includes 2 Sunday papers, french bread, and cookies my hubby picked up at the store yesterday. I'm going to try and be $16 under budget next month to make up for it and I do realize January isn't over but we don't need anything else to get through the next seven days. Overall I'm quite pleased with how this budget tracking is going. Here's my weekly shopping trip, pic to come later once I locate my camera.

2 1/2 Gallons Organic Whole Milk Marked 50% off

Gallon Organic Fat Free Milk $4.99
Used "Free Milk" Catalina Coupon (up to $4)
Paid $0.99

Cayanne Pepper 50% off $2.99 (org $5.99)

Hoisen Sauce $2.39

Bananas $1.72

2 Fage Greek Yogurt Marked 50% off

Cans of Tuna $0.59 each x6

Goldfish on sale $0.88

Used $3 General Mills Catalina from previous week

Paid: $13.53

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