Monday, February 28, 2011

Grocery Budget: How did we do in February?

February is almost over which means tomorrow I have a new food budget, woohoo! As you may already know our month was filled with packing, and moving, packing, and moving, and more packing and moving. This lead to more eating on the go and rearranging of meals than I'm comfortable with.

So here's how we did: Overbudget $22.87. It would have been just $2.87 but my hubby was hit up by the girls scouts and brought home 5 boxes of cookies, yes I said 5. They were having a sale he said, buy 4 boxes get 1 free. :)

Overall I'm quite pleased with how things went this month. Factor in my strategy to eat out of the pantry and freezer combined with my lack of time to organize coupons and shopping trips I say job well done. Now I didn't reach my goal of being underbudget by $16 (this was how much we went overbudget in January) but I'll make it up another month after we're settled into a routine again.

Again here is the link to the spreadsheet I am using to track my spending created by The Coupon Project.

Money Saving mom has started a video series called 31 weeks to a better grocery budget which has been very encouraging, head here to check out the first 6 videos in the series.

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