Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Top Baby Must Haves!

In honor of my cousin who is expecting her first baby I decided to put together my baby must haves list. I was going to do a traditional top 10 but I really couldn't take any one of these off  the list so here you have my top 11  in no particular order.

1. Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe: Brooklynn would kick out of every blanket we swaddled her in expect these. Its all about the velcro plus there are tons of patterns and colors to choose from.
Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe Microfleece, Large, Ivory
2. Boppy Changing Pad Liners 3-Pack: These are great to have. We layered them on top of the changing pad cover and swapped out as needed during middle of the night changings
Boppy Changing Pad Liners 3-Pack - White
3.Medela Swing Breast Pump: This pump is easy to use and easy to clean!
Medela Swing Breast Pump
4.Green Sprouts Eco-friendly Organic Cotton Nursing Pads Disposables work fine too but you'll spend less using these.
Green Sprouts Eco-friendly Organic Cotton Nursing Pads, White
5. Boudreaux's All Natural Butt Paste: Dries clear, I won't use anything else!
6.Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes: This toy is magic! Whenever our little one is fussy or bored in the car or other outing we whip this out and she's a happy camper! The songs change, they don't get annoying and there is a volume control!
Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes
7.Baby Light and Clip Lighted Nail Clippers: The light on these makes clipping much easier, even in a lighted room theres just something about being able to see those little tiny nails better.
Baby Light and Clip Lighted Nail Clipper, White
8. RaZ-berry Teether: We tried a lot of things for teething but Brooklynn loves chewing on this thing when new teeth are coming in, its usually this or a wet wash cloth.
RaZ-berry Teether, Red
9. Binkie Bungee Pacifier Clip: Before we got smart and purchased one of these that binki was flying let me tell you!
Binkie Bungee Pacifier Clip - 9 Colors! (Giraffe)
10. Green Sprouts Trainer Cup-Assorted Colors: My sister in law introduced me to these sippy cups, they are perfect for in between a bottle and bigger kid sippy cups plus Green Sprouts feeding line contains no BPA, PVC, Lead, or Phthalates!
Trainer Cup-Assorted Colors 1 Count
11.Belle Baby Carriers with Head Support: Lots of research was done before we made this purchase. It adjusts easily to both Steve and myeslf plus I can put it on one handed! My sister is now using it and loves it too. It is a little bit of an investment but well worth it!
Belle Baby Carriers with Head Support, Black

Leave a comment with what you would add to this list!

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