Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Starbucks: Free Drink on your birthday for registering a giftcard!

Did you receive a Starbucks Giftcard this past holiday season or do you have one tucked away in your wallet? If you do you'll want to head here to My Starbucks Rewards and register it to score a FREE Drink on your birthday!!!!

Start by going here and creating an account. You don't need to have your giftcard with you right now, you'll be able to add that later.

Perks in addition to a Free Birthday Drink. . . . .

Each time you purchase a drink using your card you earn a STAR:

5 Stars earns you Green Level Status:
*FREE syrups and milk choices
*FREE refill on brewed coffee, including iced coffee, or tea
*FREE tall beverage with each whole bean purchase

30 Stars earns you Gold Status:
*FREE drink with every 15 Stars collected
*Personalized offers and coupons

And I just discovered the power of highlighting and I'm kinda loving it :)

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