Monday, November 1, 2010

Tadpole Playmats: Are you getting the Best Deal on Daily Deal Sites?

I'm a huge fan of daily deal sites but that doesn't mean I jump to purchase items without doing a little research first. Whenever I find something that interests me I always do a price comparison. First I check out the Manufacturers Website to get more information about the product and see what sales they are running, next I Google search the item in their shopping search engine to get a list of what other online retailers are selling the same item for.
Todays Eco Baby Buy is this ABC Play Mat. 
Priced at $23.99 + $10.61 shipping = $34.60
Heres my online research:
Amazon: $39.99 + FREE Shipping = $39.99
Toys R Us: $34.99 + $6.79 = $41.78
Todays deal with shipping is still cheaper than other online retailers but take a look at this smaller mat also made by Tadpoles:

 Amazons price is $24.50. I found the exact same one at Ross for just $11.99! 

Do a little research and shop around before making a purchase, you might be surprised how much you'll save! 

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