Monday, September 27, 2010

My FAVORITE bread and how to score the BEST deal!

Dave's Killer Bread is my absolute favorite bread! Thank you Aunt Suzie for the loaf that changed my life, bread life that is.
Visit their Healthy Bread Store in Milwaukie and you can buy 12 frozen loaves (its just as good as their fresh) at a discounted price of 1.69-2.10 each.
PLUS use a Buy 2 get 1 Free coupon from the recent Buy Local Only Clackamas or Milwaukie Magazine (comes in the mail every few months), I think the Chinook book has a coupon you could use as well.

Spend about $22 (depending on which varieties you choose) for 12 loaves of LOCAL & ORGANIC bread!
This lasts us a couple of months and I'll share a few with my parents too!

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  1. Sign up on their email list when you visit the store and you will get a link to a coupon.